Mad about Martha(‘s Kitchens) – Part 1

9 Oct Martha's Glass Cabinets
Open Shelves

Open Shelves

Pot Racks
Pot Racks
Cat Feeding Trough

Cat Feeding Trough

I have always been a big fan of Martha Stewart – not for her cooking skills, mind you, as I haven’t picked up a spatula in over a year, but for her fabulous style, envious organizational skills and her top notch business savvy. I, as I am sure many of you were as well, was super-excited to see if her kitchen cabinets would live up to the hype. At first glance, I would have to say they have.  Over the span of a few posts, because this topic is just too huge, I will go over some of my favourite kitchen marthaisms.

Today I look at some of Martha’s “Top 50 Tips” for a fabulous and functional kitchen.

For one, I don’t claim to be in any way shape or form “tidy” or organized in the realm of Martha, but I manage. I was mortified by the photos of drawer after drawer artfully organized with melon peelers, graters and small hand tools. Who needs that many tools? I guess Martha does.  Here are some of my favourites from the article:

Open Shelves – A great look for those who enjoy cleaning enough so as to not mind the additional dusting and cleaning and organization required to pull it off.

Pot Racks – Love ’em, the bigger the better – especially when “adorned” with antique copper pots.

Cat Feeding Trough – You laugh, I’m getting one.

Bird’s Beak Shelve Adjustment System – Allows for easy adjustment of shelves, not for everyone, but interesting concept (which apparently has been around forever).

Exposed Garbage Bins – If you have a suitable space at the end of an aisle or counter, I say why not. Especially in busy kitchens. While complex garbage and recycling bins systems  fully integrated into the kitchen cabinetry is all the rage – it is not always the most practical choice.

Full Glass Cabinets – Never been a fan, but this is so stunning. If you are going to show off your plates, you may as well really show them off. Looks like a greenhouse. Pretty.

Next post will delve into Martha’s Style, stay tuned!

Amy B.

Birds beak shelf system

Birds Beak for Versatility

Garbage Bins

Garbage bins displayed with pride!


Shop Talk: Teatro Verde

5 Oct


teatro verde

Teatro Verde - Picture Perfect

Whenever I find myself in the Yorkville area of Toronto on business, I try to make the time to fit in a quick visit to two of my fave local attractions:   

 Teatro Verde and Sushi Inn (yum).   

teatro verde 1

Caught my eye....

Teatro was of course filled with its usual smorgasbord of  whimsical items for the home, luxurious lotions and potions and of course an abundance of fragrant cut flowers, but today I came across something different:   

a collection of notepads to die for…..  

lacroix notebook set

Christian Lacroix notebook set - stunning...

Designed by the maximalist Parisian couturier Christian Lacroix, I was taken in by the inspired combination of floral, fauna and couture.  

And at $18.95 for a set of 4 hardcovered journals – how can one resist?  

I bet they would look smashing displayed within an oversized shadowbox on my walls……hmmmmmmmm…

Everything old is new again…

4 Oct

Found this great bench at the Aberfoyle antique market this summer. The scale and construction were perfect…looking beyond the hasty coat of leftover house paint and a sloppy application of varnish I thought it could be a winner… 

Diamond in the rough...?
Diamond in the rough…?


After a thorough scraping a coat of Homestead House milk paint was applied, then a sanding, then urethane…another sanding and finally a coat of Briwax rubbed on until we got a warm glow.

Scraping away the mess...
Scraping away the mess…


It’s new home as an elegant addition to this understated entry hall. 

One Handsome bench!

one handsome bench!

Hello world!

4 Oct

One of my favorite co-workers!


Not to be unimaginative, but what a fitting title for my first post!

I am looking forward to using this blog as an outlet for my imagination as well as a diary for my daily activities in this crazy and wonderful world of interior decorating and design.

I want to share my inspirations, tips and advice along the way and let you all know about my favorite sources and exciting finds! Undoubtably I will also be able to use this as a means of releasing some tension by airing some of  my annoyances and tribulations….of which there are many.

That’s it for now!

Amy B.