Very Pinterest-ing

28 Oct

These are busy times and I really have more important things to be working on, BUT, I do have a cold, and I do feel crummy, and its been eons since I last posted on my blog and this seems like a good subject and….and….well those are all the excuses I have right now for being glued to my computer for my latest compulsion – Pinterest.

   Pinterest Logo

If you work in any design-related field and don’t have a Pinterest account yet to help inspire and keep those creative juices flowing, well, shame on you!

So really this post is complete, below are some awesome pics from my Pinterest account, take a quick look – and then go go go get your own account!

Pinned Image


Pinned Image

By Bobby McAlpine (who else?!?!?)

Pinned Image

Source unkown, repinned from Rachel Halvorson on Pinterest

Pinned Image

Via HouseBeautiful

Pinned Image

Via SouthernAccents – by McalpineBoothFerrier

Pinned Image

Via ElleDecor (this actually inspired a current room I am working on – can’t wait to share – love Hague Blue!)

Pinned Image

Source unknown, repinned from Carly Mitchell

And it’s not just about design, but also crafting, baking, humour, etc. It’s all about inspiration….

Pinned Image

….via pinterest…just because…..

Pinned Image

via pinterest – almost makes me want to learn how to bake

Pinned Image

Via – I just need to think of something to bottle….

Happy Pinning!

Amy B




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