1stdibs addiction

28 Jun

This post is long over due – almost embarrassingly so. There just never seems to be enough hours in the day!

….having said that – I do seem to find time to check out my newest addiction a few times a week…. www.1stdibs.com

I am sure this is old news to most of you – but for those of you who have not been to this site – I demand you go check it out right this second….and enjoy the daydreaming!

I leave you just a couple of the dreamy items I found today….

Petrified Wood Side Table – How can you not love an item that has “1/2 million years old” stated in its description?
I saw this Jacobean inspired settee in person at Kantelberg Antiques – even more dreamy in person.
This industrial steel table has a great look to it – a fun piece.
American 19th Century folk art horse – love it.
At $40k – this tapestry doesn’t come cheap but it is beautiful. Measuring 11’6 x 7’3, this 1880’s French masterpiece would make a great drape! Think I’m nuts? – I am planning a post on my fave architect Bobby McAlpine – and you will see what I mean!

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